Cancel or Delete a Subscription

Customers can cancel their subscription, but only store owners can delete them. In ReCharge, you can delete either a whole subscription ruleset and all the products in it, or just one of the products that it contains. Deleting a subscription ruleset or individual product from a rule will not affect your existing subscribers. This will only ensure that no new customers can buy a subscription for the product.

When deleting subscription rulesets, you should never delete the original product in Shopify, because this is how our system will know to keep charging your existing subscribers.

If you want to restrict your customers from canceling a subscription for a set number of charges, check out this article.

Canceling Future Orders

A customer can select Cancel beside their subscription via the Customer Portal. Doing so will stop all future orders, however, it will not affect existing orders.

Deleting also cancels the subscription, removing it from the subscription list for the customer. When it is deleted, you cannot reactivate the item for this subscription. You would need to follow this article to Add a Product to an Existing Subscription.

Canceling the order in Shopify

This can only be done for orders that have already been made in Shopify. Only store owners can do this. Select the order you want to cancel by navigating to Customers and search and select the name, then click on See Details. You will find a button in the bottom left of the successful payment for Cancel Order.

This will remove it from your records and ensure your staff does not fulfill it. Cancelling an order will also trigger a notification email to be immediately sent to your customer, these emails will include a link to resubscribe. Navigate to Notifications in your Settings menu to change this email. For more information, check out our guide on Notifications and Email Alerts.

Canceling Pre-Paid or Gift Subscriptions

When canceling a pre-paid or gift subscription, be sure to refund accordingly. Check out this article on Issuing a Refund in ReCharge.

Additionally, since all of the orders are queued immediately for pre-paid subscriptions, each order must be canceled in order to cancel the entire plan.

In order to cancel the individual orders, you will need to go to Customers and search and select their name, then click on See Details and on Cancel next to each queued order.

Delete a Product from a Subscription

Be sure to do the following in ReCharge and not in Shopify. From the ReCharge Dashboard select Rulesets and click on the rule. Click the trash can to the left of the product title to delete it.