Set up Braintree / PayPal via Braintree

PayPal payments need to go through their subsidiary company, Braintree. The reason why is that Braintree is the only version of PayPal that allows the flexibility of changing or adjusting an existing subscription. Braintree supports PayPal as well as credit card payments. To accept PayPal, you must have a PayPal Business Account. Note that you can have both Stripe and Braintree active at the same time on your account. 

Store owners could be denied by Braintree for the nature of the product, such as cannabis paraphernalia, pseudo-pharmaceuticals, guns, weapons, gambling or a variety of other reasons.

Sign up for a Braintree Account
Go to Braintree Payments and sign up for an account. Make sure it's a Production account, not Sandbox. We cannot support sandbox for security purposes.

Note: It is important to make sure your currency is set the same for each of your accounts, processing, Shopify, and ReCharge.

Copy Braintree Credentials. You'll need to get the following three credentials. When logged into Braintree, go to Account > My User and click on View Authorizations at the bottom. 
  • Merchant ID
  • Public Key
  • Private Key (Click on View)
Enter your Braintree credentials in ReCharge. In the ReCharge Dashboard go to Settings > General Settings. On the following page enter the keys you've gathered and be sure the box for Braintree PayPal Active is checked, as it is disabled by default. Don't forget to enter all three of the keys below. The Merchant ID is responsible for carrying over currency settings.
If using PayPal, Enable it in Braintree.
When logged into the Braintree Dashboard go to Settings, then  Processing. Scroll down to Accept PayPal and click Edit. On the following page, you can add your store's Privacy Policy & Terms of Service link and click Update once you're finished. Now a PayPal option should appear at the checkout for your store. When existing subscribers go to update their payment info, they will be directed to update the info directly in PayPal.

Once Braintree and PayPal Business is set up, there may be an additional 1-2 days before PayPal will approve the link between Braintree and PayPal.