Getting Started with Test Transactions

Note: Stripe does not currently refund transaction fees for test or real orders - running a test transaction through Stripe will result in a fee of 2.9% + $.30 (by default).  

It is a good idea to double check with your selected payment processor before running test transactions to determine whether they will refund your test transaction fee or not!

We are using Stripe in this example of a test transaction, but these same instructions apply if you use Braintree or If you still need to set up your payment processor, check out our guides on configuring Braintree as well as setting up Stripe and

You will be placing a real order for this test, we have also included steps on how to refund this payment immediately afterward. We cannot accept test credit cards or accounts for security purposes in vaulting credit cards. As long as you complete the refunding portion of your transaction, you will not be charged, except for the payment processor's transaction fee, as mentioned in the note above. Before following the steps below, ensure your payment processor is activated and set up with the appropriate keys as outlined in the guides linked above.

Purchase your subscription.

Go to your store’s website and add a subscription for one of your products to your cart and complete the checkout process using a real credit card. In the steps ahead, you will be refunding this charge.

If your store is password protected, you won't be able to access the ReCharge subscription checkout. You will have to temporarily disable your password, and then re-enable once you're finished this test. Check out our article on Storefront Passwords for more details.

Note: Make sure the checkout URL is either OR It should not be

View the new order in Shopify.

Subscription orders will be tagged with ‘Subscription’ when viewed in the Shopify order list.

Refund your test order in ReCharge.

Navigate to the Orders menu within ReCharge and click the Address ID of the desired order. Ensure the currency is correct for your store.

Type the amount you want to refund, then click on the Refund Charge button beneath the invoice seen below.

If you do not see your order show up in ReCharge, please  Contact Us so we can review the integration.

Cancel your order.

After you have refunded your order, you can now cancel it by clicking on the Subscriptions sub-menu on the left and then on Cancel on the right of the order.

Check out our dedicated article for more information on Canceling a Subscription.

Note: When signing up you'll see the first notification email your customers will receive. This email will include information about how they can manage their subscriptions. To customize these emails, check out our section on Notifications.